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Student Internships, Apprenticeships, Job Shadowing

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Apprenticeship Through DAS

DAS- Division of Apprenticeship Standards Apprenticeships are paid experiences, eligible for students who are in their junior year, senior year, and one year post high school graduation. Students work 2200 hours over 2- 3 years. Students must be enrolled in Delta College during the  apprenticeship  with  an  identified  pathway  such  as: Information    technology Support Specialist,  Teachers Aide/Paraprofessional,    Assistant Farm  Manager, or Hospitality and Marketing.

Work Experience

Employer hires a student with a current work permit. Student is enrolled in a work experience class in a high school typically in their junior or senior year. Students are paid a wage set by employer. Typically, students leave school after lunch during their 5th or 6th period class to finish their day with employer. Criteria to continue a students’ work permit must be maintained such as keeping up grades, good behavior, attendance, and no Saturday school hours.


Students intern with a local employer. Internships are paid or unpaid. Internships take place during summer or after school during the school year. Criteria to continue the internship is established by employer and should be mutually beneficial to both the student and employer.

Field Trip

Students are invited to visit a local employer’s facility. A representative from the host organization provides a tour and/or student experience for the students to participate in.

School Presentation

Work professionals visit a school or classroom and provide a presentation or student experience to share with students and/or families.

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