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CAASPP State Testing Secured Browser

CAASPP Browser Pic

How to download the CAASPP Secured Browser for District and personal windows laptops:

1.  Click here to "Download the CAASPP Secured Browser" link.
2.  A zip folder called "CASecureBrowser" will be downloaded to your "Downloads" folder.
3.  Open the zip folder and "Extract all files".
4.  Save the extracted files in any location or create a new folder.  Default folder will be the "Downloads" folder
5.  Please make sure to quit ALL applications (Teams, Internet Browsers like Chrome, Word, etc.) before you start the test.
6.  Open the folder called "CASecureBrowser" and locate the file called "CASecuredBrowser.exe".
7.  Click the file "CASecuredBrowser.exe - shortcut" to begin testing.  
8. For Mac users, instructions to download and install can be found in the CAASPP website.

Video on how to download the CAASPP secured browser: