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Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment

Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment (BTSA) is a two-year Statewide research based program of

induction, support, and skill building designed to meet the needs of beginning teachers in California and

may lead to clearing your preliminary credential through the TUSD.  Beginning teachers who qualify will be

enrolled in the program by TUSDs' Human Resources Department.  You will be notified by the Staff

Development office of the opportunities for you to learn and earn up to four (4) University credits for each

year of participation in this program.


BTSA Year 1 - BTSA participating teachers are provided six (6) days of pre-service training.  During these

induction days you will meet your BTSA Support Provider (SP).  One of these six (6) days is designated as a

Site Orientation day.  At this time your principal will welcome you and explain the culture of your school.


There are four (4) release days throughout this first year for additional training and on-going learning. 

Participating teachers and support providers investigate a critical aspect of teaching.  They gather data

through conversations and observation of colleagues, examine student work, read research, reflect on

practice and reflect on evidence to make choices for instruction.  They will design individualized induction

plans (IIP) for professional growth over two years.


Year one focuses on examining the class, school, District, and community to provide a profile of the

teaching context.  The Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) is the process used to guide

the activities of the first two years of teaching.  FACT is based on the California Standards for the

Teaching Profession (CSTP).


BTSA Year 2 - Participating in Teaching Towards Equity training is one component of Year 2.  Other

components include curriculum planning using the Frameworks, Assessment Data, and the Content

Standards.  The focus is on applying the framework to practice, designing a lesson series, self assessment,

and individual induction planning for on-going professional growth.


For more information on the TUSD BTSA Program, please contact Dimitriy Voloshin, Ed. D, Director of Staff Development 

at (209) 830-3232 ext. 1551 or email at