California Health Kids Survey

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is administered bi-annually (every other year) to 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grade students.  The California Department of Education requires all school districts receiving federal and state funds to administer the survey.  The CHKS is anonymous and confidential and is designed to assess student knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding health-related issues including substance abuse (drug, alcohol, tobacco) safety, nutrition and resilience.

The data is reviewed by district administrators, board members, site principals and assistant principals and the district Student Services Advisory Board.  In addition, the information gathered from the CHKS is shared with our community partners including the City of Tracy, Tracy Police Department and community based organizations.

Substance abuse, violence, health, safety and well-being of our students are a community-wide issue.  No one entity can tackle it alone.  Our TUSD survey finds that some areas have improved over the last few years while others have not. 

After reviewing the data, we look at prevention, intervention and suppression.  All school sites have prevention curriculum and are required to teach it during the year.  Documentation is collected at the end of the year and reviewed by the district and the state every three years. 

On the intervention front, students charged with a drug/alcohol violation are required to attend a six-week counseling program.  Other disciplinary actions are included as well (i.e. five-day suspension, nine-week social restriction from extra-curricular activities).  Students are also referred for fighting if deemed applicable (anger management) and gang intervention classes (eight-week counseling) including having a gang intervention specialist on our campuses.

On the suppression front, our SRO's are assigned to the high school and middle school campuses.  They assess a student's possible substance abuse use and respond accordingly (arrest, file on a penal code, contact parents, recommend for suspension, etc.). 

During the 2009-10 school year, we will be providing training for staff on substance abuse.  Additional counseling will be offered for those students needed counseling, but not qualifying for school-based programs. 

We as a school community are aware of the problems and are actively working collaboratively to address these issues in our schools and in our community.

Please select one of the CHKS summary reports below for more detailed information on TUSD student responses and comparison data:

TUSD Elementary Key Findings 08-09

TUSD Elementary Technical Report 08-09

TUSD Secondary Key Findings 08-09

TUSD Secondary Technical Report 08-09