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Parent Testimonials

"The program keeps highly motivated and capable students together and provides a   positive environment." - 7th grade parent

"It's more challenging for the students which encourages them to do." - 8th grade parent

"It prepares the student to be more dedicated to their studies and prepares them for the high school's rigorous courses." - 6th grade parent

"...unconventional projects and projects and assignments that allow students to be more creative and think at a higher level.  I think the GATE program is wonderful and my daughter loves it too!" - 6th grade parent

"Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers." - 6th grade parent

"I am glad my son was able to participate in this program.  It has truly helped prepare him for high school and college." - 6th grade parent

"The work is challenging so it keeps the kids interested and not bored." - 5th grade parent

"The strongest aspect I perceive of GATE is the depth of subjects taught and the creative manner of teaching." - 4th grade parent

"The students are more confident learners." - 3rd grade parent

"To us the strongest aspect of the GATE program is working in groups/teams, increasing their thinking skills and making them feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn." - 2nd grade parent

"Had it not been for the GATE program, my child would not have Spanish (as a second language) available." - 2nd grade parent

"I saw that my child was challenged in this class.  She was provided a good amount of materials to work with and enjoyed learning, participating and appreciated the recognition due her." - 2nd grade parent