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 Tracy Young Adult Program

Stein High School, 650 W. 10th Street

Tracy, ca 95376

830-3395 ext. 8408

Special Education Teacher: Gina Berlin M.S.

Para-educators: Cheryl Avila, Debbie Lackey, Christine Wells, Tanya Loayza, Julie Aguilar


 ·        To educate socially appropriate 18-22 year old severely handicapped students in   an age appropriate setting emphasizing functional skills.

·        To prepare this specific student population for community resources including: vocational opportunities, social activities, independent living skills and life skills.

 ·        To introduce the community to disabled individuals

 ·        To prepare students for transitioning from young adult to adult programs.


 Community Awareness

Functional Communication

City Bus Transportation

Fast Food and Sit Down Restaurants

Public Telephones

Vending Machines


Safety Awareness

Vocation Education

Functional Communication                       Paid Work Experience

“In Class” Training                                   (Workability 1 Employer)

Job Training in Natural Setting                 

Social Skills

Age Appropriate Behavior


Age Appropriate Activities

Independent Living Skills





Current Events

Grocery shopping

Functional Academics

Survival Reading/Writing

Telling Time

Money Skills

Tracy Young Adult Program


Gina Berlin-Teacher

Cheryl Avila- Para Educator

Debbie Lackey- Para Educator

Christine Wells-1:1 Para Educator

Tanya Pautynsky-Loayza-1:1 Para Educator

Julie Aguilar-1:1 Para Educator

We are located on the George and Evelyn Stein High School campus. The address is 650 W.10th Street. The school’s phone number is 830-3395 and our classroom extension is x8408. We are in classroom #8.The school hours are 7:45-1:45. Mondays are Early Release Mondays (ERM) and school gets out at 12:40. Minimum days, which are rare, we get out at 11:30.

I would like to take this opportunity to give you an overview of our program philosophy and inform you of the types of activities in which we will be participating.

The Tracy Young Adult Program is based on the current research in Special Education which indicates the best preparation for functional adult lives for our students requires community based training, integration with age appropriate peers, and our working together towards common goals. The goal of this program is to prepare each student for the fullest possible participation in his/her home and community. In order to best prepare our students we teach a variety of skills from the following areas or domains.

Vocational: This domain includes job sampling or on the job training provided in a variety of community job sites. Each student learns how to prepare for going out into the workforce. We also work on these tasks in the classroom to help develop and extend the students ability to work productively, remain on task, and develop other appropriate work related behaviors. At times students may also do volunteer work in the community.

Recreation and Leisure: In this domain a variety of recreation skills are taught through participation in Tracy High School P.E. Courses, and health and fitness programs in the community. The students will be offered the opportunities to develop recreation and leisure skills in the community which may include participation in community education, music, dance, art or other areas of interest to individual students. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Tracy Special Athletes activities.

Domestic: This domain includes nutrition, meal planning, developing a grocery list, grocery shopping, food preparation, microwave cooking, general household cleaning, and personal hygiene.

Community: This domain includes banking, budgeting, use of public transportation, making purchases (bus passes, gifts, groceries, clothing and miscellaneous items), ordering from menus, and basic money handling skills.

Functional Academics: This domain encompasses the academic training necessary to perform the skills in all other areas. It includes calculator use, measurement, time management, money management, functional thought problems, functional reading and writing skills.

Each student is participating in some or all of the above training. An important element in the success of this program involves individual planning for your students needs. Frequent communication between school staff, home and student is very important in planning for a successful transition.

Gina Berlin




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