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Welcome to The Tracy Unified School District
Induction Program!

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TUSD Induction Program Course Description
Number of Units: 2-4 Semester
Instructor: TUSD Induction Program Administrator
TUSD Induction Program Vision Statement:
The TUSD Induction Program provides collaborative, individualized support for all induction candidates through an individualized learning plan in order to support teachers in their growth along the continuum of teaching practices. We develop self-reflective, positive thinking teachers who engage in collaboration and focus on student achievement. 
  •  TUSD Induction Program Overview Induction is a two-year, robust mentoring program for preliminary credential holders. Upon successful completion of the Induction Program, Candidates will earn their California Clear Credential. 
  • The Induction Program supports each Candidate through an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) designed to demonstrate growth in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). The ILP is designed solely for the growth and development of the Candidate and not for evaluative purposes. 
  • Throughout this program Candidates receive individualized support, advanced professional development, and 1:1 mentoring from an experienced, veteran teacher. 
  • The Tracy Unified Induction Program is a fully accredited program through the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Course Description:
Candidates will participate in a two-year induction program designed to provide an individualized, job embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teachers’ first year of teaching.  Candidates will be assigned a mentor within the first 30 days of enrollment in the program. Program components include: developing an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of enrollment in the program, 2 Cycles of Inquiry with supporting evidence, CSTP aligned reflection, and self-assessment on the CSTP Teaching Continuum to demonstrate growth over time. Program activities include: attending Induction Quarterly Collaborative workshops, weekly reflection time with mentor, peer observations, observations by mentor, and submitting all required program documentation. Induction Candidates will become eligible for their California Clear Credential after completing 2 years of Induction Coursework, or an Early Completion Option is available for qualified candidates. See application for more details.
Course Components:
·  Candidates will attend an Induction Program Orientation meeting at the beginning of school, and an end of year Celebration of Collaboration and Growth.
·  Candidates will design and implement an Individual Learning Plan, which shall be solely for the professional development and growth of the Candidate and not for evaluation for employment purposes.
·  Candidates will participate in District Professional Development including Early Release Monday workshops, Pre-Service Days, Buy Back Day workshops, and other workshops provided throughout the year.
·  Candidates will progress towards mastery of the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP)
o   CSTP 1        Engaging and Supporting all Students in Learning
o   CSTP 2        Creating and Maintaining an Effective Learning Environment for Student  
o   CSTP 3        Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning
o   CSTP 4        Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for all
o   CSTP 5        Assessing Student Learning
o   CSTP 6        Developing as a Professional Educator
·  Candidates shall meet no less than 1 hour per week with their mentor to reflect on current practice and growth on CSTPs.
·  In addition, Candidates must also document 15 hours of meetings and workshops to receive units from Brandman University.

Induction Program Calendar


CCTC logoAccreditation

The Tracy Unified Induction Program is a fully accredited program through the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). As a part of the Indigo cohort, the TUSD Induction Program is  expected to collect data annually, analyze the data and submit required data to the Commission. 


Induction Program Staff
For more information please contact:
Melissa Beattie
Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum
(209) 830-3232

Bond Cashmere
Program Administrator of Professional Learning and Curriculum
(209) 830-3232 ext. 1553
Marji Baumann
Induction Administrator
(209) 830-3232 ext. 1549
Shorei Butler
Professional Learning and Curriculum  Secretary
(209) 830-3232



To request copies of records, please complete the Candidate Record Request Form and email the completed form to Shorei Butler at



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