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Rigorous Curriculum Design  
cover of RCD bookElementary Support ~ Deborah Coker ~  Grades TK- 6 are implementing new RCD Math Units 2016-2017
Middle School Support ~ Tiffany Gonzalez ~    Grades 7-8 are still in the design phase 2016-2017
High School Support ~ Elisavet Barajas ~  Grades 9-12 have just begun the design phase 2016-2017
Release Days for TK-6 Design Team Members: Release Days for 7-12 Design Team Members:
September 13th and 17th
October 28th
January 10th 
February 21st
March  28th
April 25th                                                                                                                                

September 28th and 29th  
October 26th and 27th
January 11th and 12th
February 22nd and 23rd
March  29th and 30th
April 26th and 27th
 We will be making adjustments to our units and discussing upcoming District ERMs along with the units that we will be exploring with staff. We will be following a process called "Unpacking a Unit" . ​ We will be working with Lori Cook, studying the process of Rigorous Curriculum Design and how it relates to Mathematical Practices . Next we create an updated Math curriculum for our students of the 21st century.                                                                                                                                                     
​ ​These are full release days. If you are a design team member, please order your sub asap.
District Early Release Mondays:
August 22nd
October 10th
November 14th
January 30th
February 27th
March 20th
Presentations and handouts from District Early Release Mondays are located on the Staff Portal under our Common Core Math link. Once inside, scroll down to a folder titled, "TUSD ERM Materials".
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