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Math Cadre
Tracy Unified School District also supports quality Mathematics curriculum and instruction with the District Math Cadre.  The Math Cadre is made up of two representatives from each elementary site (a primary and an intermediate representative) and two representatives from each middle school site (a 6th grade and a 7/8 grade representative).  The Math Cadre works with the Staff Development Director to increase capacity and to assist teachers at their sites with the implementation of District adopted programs, to assist with the training of teachers in effective instructional strategies, and to facilitate trouble-shooting and problem-solving sessions. 
This year our Math Cadre will have a focus on Number Talks. Satinder Singh, SJCOE's Director of Mathematics, and Matt Haber, SJCOE's Math Coordinator, will  be training all Cadre members. Some trainings are on release days and others are in the afternoon from 3:30-6pm.
All Math Cadre meetings/trainings are held in the Staff Development Training Room located at the District Training & Technology Center, Bldg B.
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2016-17 Math Cadre.pdf2016-17 Math Cadre.pdf  <- For Printable Calendar click here                        2016-17 cadre member agreement.pdf2016-17 cadre member agreement.pdf