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Traits of GATE Children

The following are some general indicators of giftedness. A child who is gifted usually possess a number of these traits, but not all:
  • Performs above grade level
  • Leads/motivates peers
  • Has unusual hobbies/pursues them in-depth
  • Displays originality/uniqueness
  • Understands concepts (may not apply them however)
  • Displays advance talent/skills for their age
  • Has their own method for doing work and resists step-by-step instruction
  • Has excellent memory
  • Shows signs of being a visual thinker (not literal or verbal)
  • Frequently notices discrepancies/is very obedient
  • Demonstrates zest for learning or interest when introduced to new, unknown tasks
  • Listens intuitively
  • Frequently learns through discovery or dismantling things
  • Frequently daydreams
  • Transfers knowledge/skills easily
  • Has large vocabulary
  • Resists or is bored with rote or routine work
  • Reads voraciously
Some gifted students may also display behaviors that have acted as barriers to identification, such as:
  • Lack of organization
  • Challenges authority
  • Argumentative
  • Challenges assignments that seem repetitive and pointless
  • Emotional intensity
  • Failure to complete work
  • Sense of humor
  • Perfectionism
  • Inability to prioritize