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Welcome to Information Services & Educational Technology (iset)

Tom Quiambao
Director - Information Services & Educational Technology
Tracy Unified is a leader in effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning and is proud to be Microsoft model school district.
Tracy Unified has made tremendous strides in bringing technology into our classrooms and training teachers and students on how to use it. We created our program realizing that technology must be considered a basic skill that students must master to be successful in the 21st century.
Today in our district you will see results of our multi-faceted approach at integrating technology into every aspect of our school system. Our approach is a blend of technology accessibility to students, providing teachers the proper training to integrate technology into instructional delivery, and implementing technology into district management functions to increase efficiency and accuracy in our daily work. 
You will see the benefits of technology everywhere in our district - from students using devices to complete classroom assignments and accessing classroom documents and collaborating on projects with fellow students on the Student Portal, to teachers taking attendance and updating grade books electronically, to parents who utilize our Student Information System Parent Portal to check their student’s daily attendance, assignments, grades and emergency information with the click of a mouse at home or at work.

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