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Direct Line: 209.830.3270
Fax: 209.830.3274
Tammy Jalique
Interim Director of Special Education
504/IEP Coordinator
Johanna Gomez
Secretary to the Director of Special Education

Alyssa Ciraulo
Secretary to the Director of Special Education

Assistant to the Director of Special Education
Elena Camacho
Clerk Typist 
Rita Farabaugh
Program Administrator

Laura Blanchard
Program Specialist 
Sophy Reese
Program Specialist
Melissa Johnson
Program Specialist 
Tiffany Gonzales
Behavior & Curriculum Specialist

Misty Westcott
Behavior & Curriculum Specialist

Tracy Unified School Distric

Special Education Department

child find with children outline

Do you know a child with special needs?

  • We want to be sure that every child who has a disability receive the help he or she needs. 
  • We want to ensure that supports are in place for students with special needs.
  • Anyone in the community who is concerned about the learning abilities of a child may participate in the Child Find Process.
  • The District actively seeks out and accepts referrals to assess children who may have a disability.
  • Assessment is provided at no cost to the parent.
  • Concerns regarding a child’s need for special education can be presented by a parent or by any person concerned about a child.
  • Parent involvement and agreement is obtained prior to any further action.
  • Information is confidential and the privacy of child and parents is protected.

If you know of a child who has one or more of the following disabilities (or you suspect a child has a disability), please let us know. We’re here to help!


For more information or to let us know about a student, please contact:

For Children Ages 2 years 10 months to 5 years old
Contact the Pre-School Coordinator Lisa Jones (209)830-3312

For Students Kindergarten -12th Grade
Contact the Administrator at the School Your Child Attends

For student’s attending Private Schools in Tracy, please contact the Special Education Department of
Tracy Unified School District Office directly at (209) 830-3270




ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis; Typically associated with development of a behavior support plan

ADA – Americans with Disability Act; Typically associated with section 504
ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution
AE – Age Equivalent
ALB – Autistic-Like Behaviors; Typically used when referring to sped eligibility criteria for autism
APE – Adaptive PE; Special Education PE
AS – Asperger’s Syndrome
ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASL – American Sign Language
AT – Assistive Technology; E.g., alpha smart
 BICM – Behavior Intervention Case Manager
BIP – Behavior Intervention Plan
BSP – Behavior Support Plan
CAC – Community Advisory Committee
CAHSEE – California High School Exit Exam
CAPA – California Alternate Performance Assessment
CASL – Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language
CD – Conduct Disorder
CELDT – California English Language Development Test
CMA – California Modified Assessment
CP – Cerebral Palsy
CST – California Standards Test
D/HH – Deaf/Hard of Hearing
DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual; Used by clinicians to diagnose psychiatric disabilities
ED – Emotional Disturbance; Sped category for students identified with significant emotional problems e.g, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.
ELL – English Language Learner
ESL – English as a Second Language
ESY – Extended School Year; Typically associated with students who require additional schooling during the summer so their ability does not regress substantially


FAA – Functional Analysis Assessment; Typically associated with development of a BSP/PBIP

FAPE – Free and Appropriate Education
FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment; Typically associated with development of a bsp
FERPA – Family Educational and Rights and Privacy Act
GE – General Education
GE (on WJIII reports) – Grade Equivalent
HI – Hearing Impaired
HOH – Hard of Hearing
IAES – Interim Alternative Educational Setting
ID – Intellectual Disability; Previously referred to as Mental Retardation (MR)
IDEA – Individual with Disabilities Education Act
IEE – Individualized Educational Evaluation 
IEP – Individualized Education Program
IFSP – Individualized Family Service Plan
IQ – Intelligence Quotient
ITP – Individualized Transition Plan
LD – Learning Disability
LEA – Local Education Agency
LEP – Limited English Proficiency
LRE – Least Restrictive Environment; Typically associated with referring to the least restrictive environment in which the student can still make progress at his/her level with appropriate supports
LSH – Language Speech and Hearing
MD – Manifestation Determination; Refers to when a special education student receives ten days of suspension in a school year or is placed up for expulsion; Meeting to determine if behavior was caused by or substantially related to the disability and to ensure IEP was current
MR – Mental Retardation; see ID
NCLB – No Child Left Behind
NPS – Non-Public School

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder
OCR – Office of Civil Rights
OHI – Other Health Impaired
OI – Orthopedic Impairment
OSEP – Office of Special Education Programs
OT – Occupational Therapy; Fine/gross motor therapy
OWLS – Oral and Written Language Scales
PBIP – Positive Intervention Behavior Plan
PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder; Typically associated with Autism/Asperger’s syndrome
PT – Physical Therapy
RSP – Resource Support Program
RTI – Response to Intervention
SDC – Special Day Class
SELPA – Special Education Local Plan Area
SLD – Specific Learning Disability
SLI – Speech/Language Impairment
SLP – Speech/Language Pathologist
SS – Standard Scores
SST – Student Study Team
STS – Standards-Based Tests in Spanish
 TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
VI – Visual Impairment
VMRC – Valley Mountain Regional Center
 WJ-III ACH – Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement, academic assessment.