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 TUSD District Education Center
1875 W. Lowell Avenue
Tracy, CA 95376
Phone: 209.830.3200
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
NOTICE: The District’s phone system blocks all calls from private, blocked or unknown phone numbers. All  calls to TUSD school and District Office phone numbers must be dialed from a phone number with caller ID. Individuals calling from either a private, blocked or unknown phone number will be required to dial *82 before dialing any District phone number. Thank you for your understanding as we implement this safety measure for the protection of our students and staff. 
District Hours, Latest News and Press Releases
Direct line     209.830.3202
Fax                 209.830.3209
Sheila Harrison, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent of Educational Services
Celeste Koster
Secretary to the Associate Superintendent of Educational Services
Student Services
Direct line             209.830.3280
Fax                         209.830.3284
Troy Brown
Director of Student Services and Curriculum
Title IX Coordinator
Jennifer Rocha
Secretary to the Director of Student Services and Curriculum
Lorraine Arranaga
Clerk Typist
Direct line               209.830.3281
R.G. Fagan
Truancy Officer
Alternative Programs

Direct line     209.830.3210

Fax                 209.830.3239 
Julianna Stocking
Director of Alternative Programs
Kathleen Noah
Secretary to the Director of Alternative Programs
tba, clerk typist
Soledad Rodriguez
GATE Clerk Typist
School Readiness Program Specialist
Direct line                 209.830.3275
North Preschool      209.836.5236
Fax                             209.830.3209 
Rocio Garcia
School Readiness Program Specialist 
Special Education
Direct Line             209.830.3270
Fax                          209.830.3274 
Kathy Alaniz
Director of Special Education
504/IEP Coordinator
Kristine Gornto
Program Administrator
Jeanne Neunkirch
Secretary to the Director of Special Education
Aida Jauregui
Budget Secretary
Lucia Biehl
Laura Blanchard
Program Specialist
Sophy Reese
Program Specialist
Behavior & Curriculum Specialist
Misty Westcott
Behavior & Curriculum Specialist
Emily Costa
Behavior & Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum, Accountability & Continuous Improvement
Direct Line           209.830.3275
Fax                        209.830.3209 
Carol Anderson-Woo
Director of Curriculum, Accountability & Continuous Improvement
EL Coordinator
Dana Smith
Secretary to the Director of Curriculum, Accountability & Continuous Improvement
Rocio Ochoa
Clerk Typist
Susan Murdock
Native American Program Specialist
Margarita Swanner
Kim Bacchetti
Direct line        209.830.3277
Fax                    209.830.3209 
Direct line     209.830.3201
Fax                 209.830.3204
         Brian R. Stephens, Ed.D.
Bobbie Etcheverry
Secretary to the Superintendent
Patricia Lambert

Direct line            209.830.3230 

Fax                        209.830.3269
Casey Goodall, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent of Business Services
Sheryl Smith
Secretary to the Associate Superintendent of Business Services
Facilities Planning & Construction
Direct line            209.830.3245 
Fax                        209.830.3249 
Bonny Carter
Director of Facilities & Planning
Monique Willner
Facilities Construction Technician

Financial Services

Direct line            209.830.3235 

Fax                        209.830.3239 
Reed Call
Director of Financial Services
Kathleen Ledoux
Terry Nunn
Katheryn Nicol
Kristen Heiling
Lori Nelson
Diana Murray
Tanya Serrano-Quijada  
Sherry Rio
Elaine Pulliam
Gladys Febre
Vicky Pereira

School Business Support Services and Purchasing

Direct line            209.830.3240 

Fax                        209.830.3239 
Jill Carter
Director of School Business Support Services and Purchasing
Michelle Daniel
Purchasing Specialist

Building Maintenance & Operations

Direct Line            209.830.3265

Fax                         209.830.3269

Anthony Flores
Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Lydia De La Torre
Coordinator of Custodial, Maintenance & Grounds (Night)
Gayle Garner
Secretary to the Director of Building Maintenance & Operations

Facility Use

Direct Line         209.830.3297

Fax                      209.830.3269 

Cindy Everhart
Field Conditions Hotline
Direct line             209.830.3298

Food Services

Direct line                                  209.830.3255 

Fax                                              209.830.3259
Student Meal Account Info.   209.830.3256 
Brandy Campbell
Director of Food Services 
Lois McDaniel
Coordinator of Food Services
Rachel Pollard
Secretary to the Director of Food Services
Lecia Parker
Debbie Brown
Direct line            209.830.3260
Fax                        209.830.3264
Tammy Jalique
Associate Superintendent of Human Resources  
Tamara Ferrario
Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations
209.830.3200 ext. 1303
Patty Kelley
Coordinator of Human Resources
209.830-3200 ext. 1314
JoAnn Wichman
Secretary to the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources
209.830.3200 ext. 1304
Cynthia San Julian
Human Resources Clerk
209.830.3200 ext. 1300 
Luz Gallegos
Credential Analyst for Certificated Employees
209.830.3200 ext. 1301
Nora Angel
Personnel Technician for Certificated Employees
209.830.3200 ext. 1306
Gloria Wells
Personnel Technician for Substitute Employees
209.830.3200 ext. 1302
Stacy Johnson
Personnel Technician Workers' Compensation/Safety
209.830.3200 ext. 1309
Rita Ross
Personnel Technician for Classified Employees
209.830.3200 ext. 1307
Instructional Media Center
Direct Line       209.830.3252
Fax                    209.830.3253
Dr. Debra Schneider
Director of Instructional Media Services
Lucy Villasenor
Administrative Assistant
Rose Marie Bush
Media Services Specialist—Library Technology
Renee Sanchez
Media Services Specialist—Textbook Acquisitions
Staff Development
Direct Line       209.830.3232
Fax                    209.830.3233 
Melissa Beattie
Director of Staff Development
Jodiann Beeson
Program Administrator
Marji Baumann
Program Administrator
Shorei Butler
Secretary to the Director of Staff Development

Direct line       209.830.3216

Fax                   209.830.3217
Anthony Flores
Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Lisa Sawyer
Coordinator of Maintenance Operations & Transportation
Kennette Sanfilippo
Secretary to the Director of Transportation
Denise Cheeseman, Driver Trainer/Dispatcher
Nina Griffith, Driver Trainer/Dispatcher
Kathy Arbuckle, Bus Driver/Dispatcher
Alisha Davis, Bus Driver, Custodian
Kelley Young, Bus Driver/Dispatcher
Technology (ISET)

Help Desk      209.830.3282 

Fax                  209.830.3283 
Thomas Quiambao
Director of Information Services & Educational Technology
Prevention Services
Direct line        209.830.3218
Fax                    209.830.3219
Molly Long
Prevention Services Coordinator
Samia Basravi
Tracy Family Center

TBA           209.830.3238 ext. 1255



Direct line     209.830.3272

Fax                 209.830.3273