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If my child has an Intra-District or Inter-District Transfer on file is School Bus transportation available?
No, unfortunately due to limited resources, we cannot provide transportation to students attending outside of their home school.
Is School Bus transportation available to a bus stop near my Daycare location?
No unfortunately due to limited resources, we cannot provide transportation to or from any bus stop other than the bus stop closest to the student’s home address (the address registered with the school site).
Is there a low income program to help with the cost of School Bus transportation?
A student may possibly qualify for Free or Reduced cost transportation based on income.  The Application for Free or Reduced Cost Transportation along with a Bus Pass Application will need to be completed, and proof of all income and dependents must be provided.  Please refer to the Bus Pass Information Packet and Application for Free or Reduced Cost Transportation for more information on required income verification documentation.
What forms of payment does the Transportation Department accept?
We accept cash, check, money order, Visa and MasterCard.
How do I purchase a bus pass online?
You can go directly to the mySchoolBucks website or mobile app and log in to your existing account or create a new account.  Once you are logged in you will be able to purchase transportation.
If you experience any issues with mySchoolBucks, please call 1-855-832-5226.  For a tutorial please visit
How long does it take to process the bus pass application?
Typically, regular bus pass applications and payments can be processed within a few moments.  There are certain times during the year that there may be a line causing a longer waiting period.  Students must be fully registered at their home school site prior to applying for a bus pass.  Also, if there are unforeseen issues with your application, verification of information in the student database, or the application requires the Director of Transportation to review certain information, the issuance of bus passes may be delayed until any issues are resolved.  Please be aware that free or reduced cost transportation applications can take up to ten (10) business days to be reviewed and fully processed, however, additional information may be required for completion which could extend the processing time.
If my child’s bus pass is lost or stolen; will they be allowed to ride the bus?
The student will be allowed to ride the bus once the driver verifies that they are a valid bus rider, however, if the student is unable to provide their valid bus pass to show the driver, the driver may issue them a “No Bus Pass” citation.
How can I obtain a replacement bus pass if my student’s pass is lost or stolen?
Replacement bus passes are available for purchase in the transportation department office for $5.00. If you are unable to come in to the Transportation Department office to purchase a replacement bus pass, you may obtain the replacement pass through the bus driver. If obtaining the replacement pass through the driver,  the replacement fee must be in a sealed envelope with the Students Name, Bus Stop, and School information listed on the outside of the envelope. The check or money order must be made payable to the TUSD transportation department and in the amount of $5.00. Please do not send cash.
If my student participates in sports, tutoring, or other after-school activities, is there school bus transportation available after the regular school bus?
No, unfortunately due to limited resources, we cannot provide transportation outside of the regular school bus schedule.
What is the difference between the route numbers and the bus numbers and why is it important to know?
The transportation department uses route numbers to assign students to their designated bus stops and schools.  Students need to be aware of their assigned route number because bus numbers can change as buses are routinely serviced for maintenance.  For example, your route number may be # 4, but driven in bus #30 one day, and bus # 2 the next.  Your route number will always stay the same, even if the bus number changes.
Where can I find the route number on a bus?
Route numbers are located next to the entrance door of the bus on a black placard with white numbering.
If I no longer need school bus transportation for my student, can I get a prorated refund?
Prorated refunds will be made by check issued by San Joaquin County, only after the parent submits a request for refund along with the student(s) bus pass, and only for the reasons stated below:
-Students who subsequently become eligible for free transportation.
-Students who have moved out of the District.
-Students who are no longer in need of bus service.
The prorated refund amount will be based on the date that the bus pass AND refund request are received by the Transportation Department Office.  Refunds may take 6-8 weeks to be processed.  Processing may be delayed due to verification of original check clearance.  No refund will be given if student riding privileges are suspended due to students’ failure to follow BUS RULES.
What do I do if my student already uses transportation and I move to another address within TUSD boundaries?
You would first need to notify your student’s school site and provide them with the necessary documentation that they require to change the address, then provide the transportation department office with your new address and contact information.  At that time we would verify the address change and let you know if you qualify for transportation based on your new information, and if so, a new bus pass would be issued.