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Welcome to the Facilities Rentals Department
School/District Facility Rentals
Cindy Everhart                                         
209.830.3269 FAX
You can now fill out a facility use request online - just click on the icon below!!
Civic Permits Online: Civic Permits Logo
Tracy Unified School District recognizes that its facilities are public buildings available to the community for rental when school and after school programs are not in session. Members of our community must submit a Facility Use request permit.  Upon receipt of the permit, the facility use department will invoice a Non-Refundable Administrative Processing Fee.  The processing fee is per day regardless of number of permits requests submitted. The fee is required before the permit can begin processing.  Online payment is available by credit card. We do not accept tentative reservations.   Please do not contact school sites or TUSD employees.
Please carefully read the AR 1330.1 Community Rental of School District Facilities Board Approved Policy prior to submitting your request for facility use.  The use of TUSD facilities shall not be granted to individuals or unrecognized groups for personal or private activities.  The district and its school sites have priority use of Tracy Unified facilities.   Renters are required to pay rental fees, provide insurance requirements, and a security deposit.  The policy consists of six tiers, based upon your organization type and proof of non-profit status; you are assigned a tier and charged accordingly. Tiers are organized from highest priority to lowest priority.  City of Tracy organizations have priority over out of area organizations.
TUSD has an easy-to-use, cloud-based facilities permit program called Civic Permits.  This program will allow you to submit your facility use permit requests over the internet.  You will be able to track the status of your request online and upload insurance and documents.
To use the program, please visit:  and register for an account.  See instruction document links below.
Facility Use rental requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance for processing, and may only be requested for the current school year.  The Tracy Unified School District Facility Use Department is responsible for handling the reservation process for all of the district school facilities.  Only designated employees are responsible for approving facility use permits.   The District and its School Sites reserve the right to deny usage of school equipment.  The District reserves the right to cancel scheduled facility use activities to accommodate unanticipated conflicts with school activities, or to perform scheduled, emergency maintenance or facilities development projects. 
For more information, contact the Facility Use Department at (209) 830-3297 or emailing ceverhart@tusd.netYou can also visit 1875 W. Lowell Ave, scheduling an appointment is recommended.

 Facilities Use Forms

AR 1330.1 TUSD Community Rental of School District Facilities 7.1.18.pdf
9/11/2018 12:26 PM
Civic Permits - How to set up a user account.pdf
1/13/2017 1:38 PM
Civic Permits - How to Submit a Permit Request.pdf
1/13/2017 1:38 PM
CIVIC PERMITS Facility Use Terms and Conditions.pdf
6/21/2017 11:56 AM
TUSD Facility Use Insurance Sample 18-19.pdf
9/24/2018 1:05 PM