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Brian Stephens

Dear TUSD Community,

The start of the second semester is upon us.  It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the school year.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are now ready for what will be a very busy spring.

The district is going out to bid for the modernization of North Elementary School.  This project will be the last significant work that is funded from the passing of a local school bond.  The district has done an exemplary job of using school bond money wisely to provide modern, up-to-date facilities for students and staff with the completion of Central School being the most recent example.  Deferred maintenance projects for the summer are being identified for funding so it will once again be a very busy summer for staff as our facilities are prepared for the new school year.  

While the impact of declining enrollment will lessen the district’s need to hire staff, there will still be positions to be filled.  Our Human Resources Department will be advertising early so that the district can have the widest pool of candidates possible to select from during the hiring process.

As superintendent, I will be anxiously watching the budget news from Sacramento this spring.  Both Governor Newsom’s initial budget proposal and the May Revise will have lasting impact on Tracy Unified.

Each week, I visit classrooms throughout the district at our many different school sites.  The quality of instruction that I am observing continues to impress me.  Over the past several years, our teachers have worked hard to improve their skills and our students are receiving the benefits of their efforts.  Prior to the break, I visited Jacobson Elementary School and left the campus in awe of what I observed on my classroom visits.  The quality of instruction was simply amazing.  I am seeing great instruction on every one of my visits to schools throughout the district.

If I or anyone in our district can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Brian Stephens, Ed.D.

Bobbie Etcheverry
Secretary to the Superintendent
209.830.3204 FAX


Dr. Brian Stephens earned his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from University of La Verne; his Masters of Arts in Education Administration from Humboldt State University; and earned his Administrative Credential from Humboldt State University and California Teaching Credential in Social Science from Sonoma State University. Dr. Stephens also earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Davis.
2014-Present: Superintendent, Tracy Unified School District
2011-2014: Superintendent, Delhi Unified School District
2000-2011: Asst. Superintendent, Northern Humboldt UHSD
1995-2000: Principal, Arcata High School, Northern Humboldt UHSD
1993-1995: Principal, McKinleyville High School, Northern Humboldt UHSD
1991-1993: Asst. Principal, McKinleyville High, Northern Humboldt UHSD
1984-1991: Social Science teacher, McKinleyville High,
                     Northern Humboldt UHSD


District Goals (01/2015)

1.      Prepare all students to be well-rounded individuals with the knowledge and skills to pursue their college and/or career goals.

2.      Hire, support, develop, train, and sustain district employees who create a singleness of purpose focused on maximizing students’ academic, social, and emotional potential.

3.      Apply fiscal, operational and community resources to ensure a safe learning environment that supports staff and student goals.