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"The Place Where Everybody Is Somebody" 




George & Evelyn Stein High SchoolStein-Jan-2011.jpg
650 W. 10th St., Tracy, CA 95376
209.830.3395 - Main Office
209.830.3396 - FAX

                                                 HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY CONSENT FORMS:

                                                                GRADES 9, 11 HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY PASSIVE CONSENT ENGLISH.pdfGRADES 9, 11 HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY PASSIVE CONSENT ENGLISH.pdf


                                                                                   *   *   *
                                               Sexual Health Education Opt-Out Forms:
                                                               HIGH SCHOOL TEEN TALK.pdfHIGH SCHOOL TEEN TALK.pdf
                                                         HIGH SCHOOL TEEN TALK SPANISH.pdfHIGH SCHOOL TEEN TALK SPANISH.pdf
                                                                    OPT OUT ENGLISH.pdfOPT OUT ENGLISH.pdf
                                                                    OPT OUT SPANISH.pdfOPT OUT SPANISH.pdf
                                                                                   *   *   *
                                                           anti bully.jpg
                                                ANTI-BULLYING EVENT NOVEMBER 6TH.pdfANTI-BULLYING EVENT NOVEMBER 8TH.pdf


Student Handbook: 
Students and Cell Phones
Cell phones and MP3/iPod digital music players are allowed on the school campus and at school sponsored events under the following conditions:
  1. During school hours, the cell and MP3/iPod digital music player must be used BEFORE SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, at LUNCH, at BREAK, AND WALKING BETWEEN CLASSES.
  2. During class periods or assemblies, the cell phone and MP3/iPod digital music player must be turned off and out of visual sight in classrooms, assemblies, and in any other learning environment. Cell phones may not be used for any reason (including talking, listening, ringing, text messaging, checking the time, taking pictures, etc.) and must be powered off except with a classroom teacher’s expressed permission per BP/AR 6163.4.
  3. Students displaying or using cell phones or MP3/iPod digital music players in the classroom or inappropriately will be subject to disciplinary measures and be considered in defiance.
  4. Investigation of theft of any electronic device will not be investigated by school personnel; however, parents may file a theft report with the local police department.

Visitors on Campus

George and Evelyn Stein High School is a closed campus. Upon arriving at the campus in the morning, students are to enter and remain on school grounds. Students should plan to arrive on campus approximately 10 minutes before 8:00 A.M., the beginning of first period, and refrain from loitering in the residential and business areas adjacent to the school. 
Students may not leave campus unless they have checked out through the office or through the work experience coordinator and obtained an off-campus pass prior to leaving. Failure to check out and receive an off-campus pass through the attendance office will result in being considered truant. Appropriate consequences will be assigned.
Consequences for exiting campus without a pass:
  •             1) First Offense: Warning/Parent Contact
  •             2) Second Offense: One-day suspension
  •             3) Third Offense: Two-day suspension/Parent Conference
  •             4) Fourth Offense: Three-day suspension








*S.T.E.P.S. Website*

S.T.E.P.S. *



13    End of Quarter 1- Minimum Day

18    Red Cross Blood Drive on site

23    Parent Conferences - no school


Intra-District Transfer Information and Deadlines
For More Information Visit Student Services
To:     Tracy Unified School District Community Members
From: Dr. Brian Stephens, Superintendent
Date:  October 1, 2017
RE:     Intradistrict Transfers (BP 5116.1 and AR 5116.1)
Dear TUSD community members. The Governing Board desires to provide enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of district students and parents/guardians, while also maximizing the efficient use of district facilities (BP 5116.1). The Board of Trustees also desires to provide options for schools of choice dependent upon space available. The parents/guardians of any student who resides within district boundaries may apply to enroll their child in any district school, regardless of the location of residence within the district. (Education Code 35160.5).
In that effort this letter provides a list of schools which may have space available for additional students for the 2018-2019 school year. A list of those schools and open enrollment applications shall be available at each school site, the district office and on the district’s website.
Schools that may have space available for additional students for the 2018-2019 school year include the following:
Bohn Elementary         North K-8                  Kimball High
Central Elementary      Monte Vista Middle   West High
Hirsch Elementary       Williams Middle
Jacobson Elementary                         
McKinley Elementary
Southwest Park Elementary
Villalovoz Elementary
Please note that open enrollment for intradistrict transfers is between October 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018.
Transfers for high school special programs are included in the above timeline. Although Tracy High School is not on the list for open enrollment, applications for special programs will still be accepted. Any intradistrict transfer requests received from the Academy or Program Coordinator will be processed by the District.







  amy thompson.jpg
Hello Stein Family,
My name is Amy Thompson, your new principal!  I am thrilled to join the Grizzly family!  My family and I have spent the last eleven years with TUSD and it has truly been a family affair.  My husband and I have two awesome boys; both currently attending schools in the district.  I started with the district as a counselor at West High and have since been a Head Counselor at Kimball and an Assistant Principal at both Kimball and West.  While I was fortunate to serve at both high schools, my journey has led me to Stein and I feel like I have found my perfect fit!
Outside for work, I like to spend time with my family and friends, traveling, attending sporting events, experimenting with food (yes, I am a foodie), going to church, crafting, hanging out at the beach or reading a good book!
I strongly believe in the saying “ You are Only What You are When No One is Looking!” and I say this to say that it takes teamwork to help young people grow and develop into productive citizens.  So, as your principal, I am just one part of the team that will ensure that our students have  a good, well rounded experience here at Stein that will afford them a diploma and a path to success after high school. I look forward to meeting each of you who want to be an active part of Team Grizzly!