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Gladys Poet-Christian School

Home of the Eagles
"Learn, Grow, Succeed!"

1701 S. Central Ave., Tracy, CA 95376

209.830.3325 - Main Office

Our school is participating in the SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program. This portal is designed to provide parents
with information about our suicide prevention efforts and helpful tools for supporting your child’s mental health.
Here is the log in information:
Username:  Poet-par
Password: sosparent

 Mission Statement


Poet-Christian’s mission is to guide and inspire our students to be a generation of independent thinkers who are responsible and prepared for the future.



 Coming Events


Announcements and Events


High School Registration
         All three high schools will start registering 8th graders in November.  All 8th graders will meet with counselors from each of the three high schools depending on where they are zoned to attend.   If you want your child to attend a different high school than the one they are zoned to attend, you must apply for an intra-district transfer through our district office.  For more information, visit our website at
The three high schools will be hosting information nights for parents of 8th graders.  More information will be sent home with students.
West High, Thursday Nov. 2 @ 6:00 p.m.
Tracy High, Thursday, Nov. 9 @ 6:00 p.m.
Kimball High, Thursday, Nov. 16 @ 6-8 p.m.
Box Tops for Education
         Thank you for sending in the Box Tops for Education!  Last year families brought in 11,810 Box Tops.  Those Box Tops translated into $1,181 for the school.   Every year we use the money to pay for classroom printing supplies and materials.  Every Box Top helps!  This year we are down from previous years totals and we are hoping you will keep those Box Tops coming!  We’ve attached a Box Top flyer to this Family Envelope with ways to help increase our Box Top totals.  Thank you for your help!
Aeries.Net Grades
4th - 8th graders 
You don't have to wait for progress reports and report cards
to know how your child is doing.  You may view your child's grades online
at anytime by signing up on the TUSD Parent Portal.  Go to the district's website
You will need to come to our office to get a special verification passcode for your child.
Sign up today!








 2      DARE Graduation @ 6:30 p.m.
 3      Honor Roll Assemblies
 7      Eagle Bucks Day
 8      PTSA Mtg. @ 3:20 p.m.
 9      Red, White, and Blue Spirit Day   
 10    Veterans Day Holiday - school closed
 16    That Third Thursday Thing!
 20-24  Thanksgiving Break
 JANUARY 15, 2018
Transfer Requests for 2018-19 School year
Schools that may have space available for additional students for the 2018-2019 school year include the following:
Bohn Elementary         North K-8                  Kimball High
Central Elementary      Monte Vista Middle   West High
Hirsch Elementary       Williams Middle
Jacobson Elementary                         
McKinley Elementary
Southwest Park Elementary
Villalovoz Elementary
Sexual Health Information Parent Letter
*   *   *
Sexual Health Education Opt-Out Forms:



Hello Poet Families! 

This year we are continuing our focus on two pillars of character:  Respect & Responsibility.   It takes years of practice and patience to help children learn and apply these character traits.  It doesn’t just happen over night.  It takes a lot of guidance, practice, and most of all...patience.
     There are many ways parents can help build responsibility with students.  
Lunches:  Have your child make their own lunch for school.  This is one of the easiest ways to start building responsibility.  Give them a few choices for their lunch and help them assemble it the night before school.   This can start in kindergarten.  Yes they may have trouble making a sandwich, cutting apples, or putting together their constructible food items but they can certainly help you with getting the fixings out and putting them in Tupperware or a baggie.  Have them become part of the process early on and you will find that after a short time they will be able to do it themselves.  Their sandwich may not look the best, but they will be proud that they made it themselves.
School clothes:  To avoid the morning madness with what to wear, have children pick out their clothes the night before school.  They may need some guidance with the right clothes, but let them choose and layout their clothes for school.  I know what some of you are thinking, “Their clothes won’t match!!!”  In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter.  In kindergarten they usually never choose clothes that go well together.  They pick what they like at that moment...which will change five minutes later anyway.  By the time they are in 5th grade they are usually very good at picking clothes that go well together. 
Backpacks & Book bags:  After doing their homework and reading, have your child put everything in their backpack and put it by the door ready to go.  Check their folders to make sure all the work is included.  Help them heck their backpack to make sure it’s not a receptacle for crumpled papers and moldy food items.  Check to make sure they have all the books and materials they need for school and then have them put it by the door.  This will help them stay organized and it will help to eliminate the last minute “I can’t find my homework!” meltdowns as you are getting ready to leave for school. 
Teaching children about responsibility takes years of work and practice.  They will stumble at times, but it is worth the effort and energy to help them succeed.  Start small and build on little successes now.  The longer you wait, the harder it gets to train and build responsibility.   Eventually they will start to take on more responsibilities for themselves and need less guidance and monitoring.   Start today!
Mr. Maslyar



Attendance for 2016-17

1st Reporting Period
Aug. 7th - Sept. 1st
Good Days
Aug. 7th - 1 abs. (99.8%)
Aug. 17th - 3 abs. (99.4%)
Not-So-Good Days
Aug. 21st - 29 abs. (94.5%)
Sept. 1st – 42 abs. (92.0%)
Month 1 Ave:  97.48%
2017-18 School Year:  97.48%
(2016-17:  96.27%)