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 ​Welcome to Art Freiler School

Home of the Stars!

2421 W. Lowell Ave. Tracy, CA 95377

209.830.3309 - Main Office

209.830.3310 - FAX


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Announcements and Events 
Annual Student Stakeholder Survey – 2015
The link below is to the annual student survey.  In past years this survey was completed on paper, but this year we are using an online survey program. The survey can be accessed using a computer or a smart phone.  This survey is part of Tracy Unified School District’s efforts to make our schools the best place for students to learn.  The survey will be open until the end of the school year (May 29, 2015). Your honest opinion is appreciated. 
Encuesta Anual para Estudiantes – 2015
El siguiente enlace es la encuesta anual de estudiantes. En los últimos años se completó esta encuesta en papel, pero este año estamos utilizando un programa de encuestas por medio del internet. La encuesta se puede acceder mediante una computadora o un teléfono inteligente. Esta encuesta es parte de los esfuerzos del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tracy para hacer de nuestras escuelas el mejor lugar para que los estudiantes aprendan. La encuesta será disponible hasta el fin del año escolar (el 29 de mayo de 2015). Se agradece su opinión sincera.
Estudiantes Encuesta en Español -
 LCAP Survey
Tracy Unified School District is interested in gathering valuable feedback from all stakeholders on the design and implementation of the district’s priorities for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).  To accomplish this, we are gathering community input.  Your participation is critical in this decision-making process and we appreciate your assistance by completing this survey.  The information provided will assist the district in allocating funds from the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) in ways which will best support student learning for all children and move the district towards closing the achievement gap for all at-risk students. 
The LCAP Stakeholder Survey is on the TUSD Public Website.  It is now located front and center of the front page- no hunting required!
All parent, staff and community members are encouraged to take the survey.
SARC Reports
All public schools are required to prepare and distribute a SARC (School Accountability Report Card). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about each public school. A SARC can be an effective way for a school to report on its progress in achieving goals. The public may also use a SARC to evaluate and compare schools on a variety of indicators.  SARCs are prepared with information from the previous school year.  The 2013-14 SARCs can be obtained from the school website and district website at   Paper copies will be made available, upon request.
STEP Parent Meetings at Freiler School
Freiler is hosting a parenting class beginning on Wednesday, March 18th. The training supports a systematic training for effective Parenting in a seven session program covering many topics to support effective training for children ages 6-12. Limited daycare is provided.
Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration has begun for incoming kindergartners who must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2015.  Please come to the school office to pick up a kindergarten packet starting Monday, March 2, 8:30-4:00. For more information please call (209) 830-3309.
Freiler Staff Parent Association Meetings 
Please join us for our FSPA monthly meetings  at 6:30 p.m. All parents are welcome to come:
May 13th
8th Grade Important Dates
March 25th Pictures
May 26th Great America Trip
May 27th Promotion Practice
May 28th 9:15 AM Promotion Ceremony
May 28th 5:00-8:00PM Promotion Party/Dance
Freiler Stars Attendance Banners
Please make sure your students come to school each day and on time. Consider this: A student who arrives to school late each day by 3 minutes misses over 500 minutes of instruction each year.  That is the equivalent of 9 hours of missed instruction.
Students cannot learn if they are not in school. Students with high rates of absenteeism have a harder time getting their work done and often end up scoring poorly on assessments. Please help our students get to school on time-  It does make a difference!
Each class has an attendance banner that is filled in each day when they have perfect attendance. When the banner is complete , students receive a recognition treat.
Parents please call the office whenever your student is absent at (209) 830-3309.
Common Core State Standards
The Common Core is changing the way we teach our students, and changing the types of work our students are doing. 
To find out more about the Common Core, visit the TUSD Common Core Information Page.
Another great common core website is This site has great resources for parents. 
Thanks for Visiting
Thank you for visiting Art Freiler School.  Please check in with the office when you arrive to obtain a visitor's badge.

Home of the Stars!



April 3rd
-Good Friday- no school!
April 6th- 10th
-Spring Break- No school for students!
April 24th
-Freiler Carnival



Dear Freiler Parents,

 This year has been a very active year with many students doing after school academic and extracurricular activities. Student learning and student well-being is a huge emphasis at Art Freiler School. Currently teachers and students are working hard in classrooms to learn the Content Standards for grades 3rd-8th to prepare for the upcoming Smarter Balance tests.
Smarter Balance on-line testing will be from March 10th- May 29th. Each class will schedule a testing week. Please mark these dates on your calendar and I request that you not schedule any vacations during these dates. It is extremely important for students to be at school, be ready, and try their best on the tests. Our goal is to set a baseline to continue to meet our Academic Yearly Progress (AYP) goal of increase student achievement in both ELA and math and keep our Academic Performance Index (API) score at a high level, which was frozen at 831, with a three year average of 835. Results of standardized tests are also used to evaluate a school’s performance and they play a role in students’ advance classes in high school as well. So, it is important to all involved for every child to do well on tests. You can boost your child’s performance on standardized tests by:
1.      Having good attendance
Teachers cannot teach students who are not in school. There is strong evidence that regular attendance can result in significant test-score gains. Last month our attendance was 93.7% and our goal is 98% or higher each month. During testing time, our goal is 100% attendance and we cannot achieve this goal without parents’ help.
2.      Be mindful of the testing schedule
Make sure your child is in school every day.
Do not schedule medical appointments during school hours.
Do not take your child out of school for a family trip or activity.
Do not allow your child to be tardy. Have your child get ready the night before so he or she can get to school on time.
Please talk to your children about their classwork and homework. Please make sure they do their homework and turn it in to their teachers on time. Make sure they study for the tests.
Good practice makes it perfect. Please ask your child’s teacher what your child should be working on. Many classes are taking practice tests to get familiar with the testing procedures and content.  Sample tests are available online and you may ask your student to take practice tests from and
Lastly at Art Freiler School safety  is our first priority. In order to keep our campus safe at all times, we need to remind students to be nice to each other and follow the school procedures. We realize children make mistakes, we just hope that they learn from them and do not make them again. Our school rules are listed in our district discipline handbook and student agendas to help parents and students understand the school procedures, rules, and consequences.
Congratulations to all our Character Counts Awards & Honor Roll Students for the 2nd trimester!!!!!
Best regards,
Karen Alcorn, Principal