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ATTENTION: Measure B Oversight Committee Applications now being accepted
Tracy Unified School District is accepting applications for seven positions and alternates on the newly forming Measure B Oversight Committee:
  • Representative from a Business Organization
  • Representative from a Senior Citizen’s Organization
  • Parent with Child(ren) Currently Enrolled in District
  • Representative from a Taxpayer’s Organization
  • Parent Representative from a District Support Organization
  • Representative from Agricultural/Farming Industry
  • At-Large Member of the Public
  • Alternates (non-voting members, if needed to establish a quorum)
Applications are being accepted through Friday, July 18.
Contact Bonny Carter, Director of Facilities & Planning, with any questions at or 209.830.3245.


What is Measure B?
     On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 64 percent of voters in the School Facilities Improvement District #3 (SFID#3) of the Tracy Unified School District approved Measure B -- an $82 million school bond to continue the renovation and modernization of Tracy schools, providing all students and teachers with comparable classrooms and facilities.

How will I know these bond funds will be spent as planned?

      The district is required to appoint an Independent Oversight Committee to monitor the use of bond funds and report their findings to the community.
     California voters approved a change in the law governing school bonds when Prop 39 was approved in 2000. One of the most important changes was a provision that school districts be much more accountable for the manner in which bond funds are spent.
     The annual audit reports for prior bond expenditures concluded that the District has consistently been in compliance with the requirements of the Measure E and Measure S bond accountability rules.
What about lottery funds?
     State lottery monies cannot be used to fund these school projects.
     State law expressly prohibits schools from using lottery funds for school construction projects.  (CA Government Code Section 8880.5).
How much will Measure B cost me?
         The average yearly cost to property owners in the District would be $50 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.
     This is not market value. You can find the exact assessed value of your home on your property tax bill.

Can bond funds be used to pay teacher or administrator salaries?

      No. By law, bond funds can only pay for school construction projects and school facility furnishings and equipment.
     Won’t the State provide the district with funding it needs to address these projects?
     The State of California does not currently have school construction funds for these projects. If State matching funds become available, the District will aggressively pursue those funds as it has in the past.